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Our Eco Friendly And Recycled Papers

We are Nottingham's only HP indigo digital printer site which is FSC accredited and we stock amazing choice of ecological friendly papers including FSC papers and up to 100% recycled stocks. There are changes happening in the world of paper, the paper industry is now a leader in energy conservation, ethical use of fibers and forestry and clean water emissions. The following is intended to help throw light on the certifications and classifications that can be associated with our "eco" friendly papers.

FSC Forest Stewardship Council, this certification is granted to paper mills, distributors and printers. It is widely promoted by conservation groups such as Greenpeace. The FSC accreditation works by recording the Chain of Custody - an unbroken path which products take from the forest to the consumer, including all stages of manufacturing, transformation and distribution. FSC papers can also contain a percentage of recycled pulp, Advanced Imaging has chosen Fedrigoni Symbol Freelife as our house sheet, giving excellent environmental credentials without compromising the look and feel of their printed material.

Recycled papers While there are varying degrees of recycled fiber in the different brands of recycled paper, most paper follow the EPA guidelines that require minimums of 30% post-consumer content for most uncoated printing and writing papers, and 10% for most coated papers. Some papers have up to 100% recycled content, composed of PCW (post-consumer waste) and pre-consumer waste. We currently use the following recycled digital papers that give excellence results and demonstrate our commitment to the environment.

  • Cylustec - 100% recycled content
  • Digital Greencoat - 80% recycled content
  • Evolution Digital - 75% recycled content
  • Symbol Freelife - 25% recycled content

Logos and classifications - what do they mean?

Carbon Neutral The use of electricity and fossil fuels results in the release of carbon dioxide—the main greenhouse gas. To help counter these changes some manufacturers of paper have become 'carbon neutral' by reducing net carbon emissions to zero, or by purchasing carbon credits from renewable energy sources.

Windpower is clean, abundant, and reliable. It is a renewable source of energy, does not produce any greenhouse gas emissions. We use GF Smith Mohawk Options which is produced using renewable windpower and is 100% recycled and carbon neutral.

Well Managed Forest This mark aims to certify the origin of paper-making fibres from integrated and sustainable forestry operations where controlled felling and replanting policies are enacted.

ECF Elemental chlorine free (ECF) is a technique that uses chlorine dioxide for the bleaching of wood pulp. It does not use elemental chlorine gas during the bleaching process. Totally chlorine free (TCF) is paper that does not use any chlorine compounds.

PH Neutral Acid-free paper is paper that has a neutral or basic pH. The process of making Acid-free paper is significantly more environmentally friendly. Waste water and byproducts of the papermaking process can be recycled and energy can be saved in the drying and refining process also alkaline paper can be more easily recycled.

Long Life Papers which are made to conform with the "long life" International Standard ISO 9706.


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